25 MYTHS Of MakeUp – By Ishika Taneja


1) MYTH: You should pump your mascara wand for better application

FACT: Pumping may imply for better extraction – this rule doesn’t apply for mascara. Rather pumping your mascara tube makes it dry; hence unusable due to the easy access of air into it, caused by pumping. So, if you want a fair amount of product to come out – swirl the brush inside, pull up firmly and apply.

2) MYTH: Heat protecting sprays are only of use if hot hair equipments are employed on hair

FACT: No, here heat means any kind of heat – including that coming from the sun. Hence, you should apply such sprays to your hair every time you go all out in sun to protect your hair from sun-damage. Besides, using it when tools such as; a hair dryer, straighter, etc. are subjected to your tresses.

3) MYTH: One can do nothing to prevent yellowing of nails caused by painting nails

FACT: Yellowing of nails is very common and can be undone by taking few sensible precautions. For this, you should apply a good quality transparent base coat before applying the nail paint of your favorite color. Nail polishes with UVA-UVB rays are also available in the market – one may seal their nails by using such paints as top coat.

4) MYTH: Once your blush breaks after dropping, it’s over

FACT: You don’t need to dump that shattered makeup, as it’s still usable! All you must do is mix some rubbing alcohol with the broken compact and gently blend until the makeup turns in to clay like uniformity. Now dab it with the help of a coin after muslin cloth over it and be ready to flaunt your brand new makeup!
5) MYTH: Applying makeup daily is bad for skin

FACT: Who says so? It’s absolutely does no harm if the makeup is of good quality. Wearing products that suits your skin is highly recommended for those opting to wear makeup on daily basis. Also, a through makeup removal session before you hit bed makes sure that your skin breathes and it remains healthy forever.

6)MYTH: Your shampoo familiarizes itself to hair and stops performing

FACT: Though, it’s good to change your hair products according to the weather, swapping them unnecessarily should be avoided. If your hair seems dried out, flat or damaged after prolonged use of a particular shampoo, don’t blame it all only on the shampoo! The problem may be also due to product build up from hairsprays, serums, oils and more.

7) MYTH: Certain hair products can remove split ends

FACT: This is so like everywhere! Those oils and serums which boast of repairing your split ends only do the task of nourishing your hair from root to tip. The best possible answer to split ends is to get them cut from ends – trimming.


8) MYTH: You can file your nails in either direction

FACT: Filing of nails only in a single direction is a rule which should not be played with at any cost. If you file your nails from abrupt and different directions, it leads to breakage and peeling of nails. So, if you want your nails to grow longer – faster – file it right!

9) MYTH: You can’t avoid getting lipstick on your teeth

FACT: Before rush out to work and start your day, here’s one trick that you ought to follow and love too! Just start with making an “O” shape with your mouth, and place your index finger directly in the middle of the “O”. Now pull it out suddenly; it will make the lip color inside come out on your finger, leaving your teeth free from the stains.

10) MYTH: You can drink as much water as you can

FACT: There is no doubt that drinking more and more water keeps you healthy and hale. But, as excess of everything is bad – same goes for water too. Drinking more than prescribed water can lead to a condition called water intoxication. Also, the excess intake of water may make the water-soluble vitamins and minerals in our body to get washed-out – leaving us nutrition deprived.

11) MYTH: Sleeping with your hair open helps in its growth

FACT: Open tresses are more prone to tangles and knots of hair and hence may cause breakage. Besides, it also causes acne from the oil and other hair products on your hair when they contact your face while sleeping. Therefore, it is advisable to sleep on with a loose bun or low pony.

12) MYTH: Having fish with dairy products causes white patches on skin

FACT: Such patches on the skin occur because of the destruction of cells which create melanin. The situation is called vitiligo and is in no way related to combining dairy products and fish.


13) MYTH: Regular hair trimming aids your hair to grow faster

FACT: Completely untrue, as hair grows from the roots and trimming its ends can have no effect on it. Though, a nice habit, trimming the tips of your mane can help you get rid of damaged hair and spilt ends; but cannot boost its growth in any way.

14) MYTH: Plucking your greys out causes more to grow

FACT: While plucking a grey hair will certainly not cause more grey hair to grow, it will sure irritate the scalp and damage the hair follicle. As, greying happens within the hair follicle,when you pluck out a grey hair, that particular hair follicle makes way for another hair regardless of its color.
15) MYTH: Makeup Causes Breakouts

FACT: No, it’s not the poor makeup – it is low post-makeup care and hygiene that causes pimples. Mistakes such as; not removing the makeup before hitting the bed, not cleaning your brushes often enough, and not checking the expiry dates actually causes your skin to break out.

16) MYTH: Concealer Should Be Lighter Than Foundation

FACT: Contradictorily, to the popular belief; a lighter concealer merely draws more attention to things you’re covering up. If you want your concealer to compliment your foundation, both should match your natural skin color as much as possible. This will make you makeup look not made-up!


17) MYTH: Dark eye makeup accentuates under-eye dark circles

FACT: This is only the case if you’re applying products which are non waterproof. When applied correctly and teamed with quality and water proof eye makeup products – a non-smudging kohl pencil, a powdery shadow, a volumizing mascara and dark liner; it actually provides intensity and makes your eyes sparkle.

18) MYTH: You shouldn’t wear shadow the same color as your eyes

FACT: Although, we understand the fame bright color have; which can eventually make your eyes sparkle. But, saying no to soft and pastel shades completely is also not good as they accentuate your eyes too. Just wear what suits you and be ready to sizzle!

19) MYTH: Use products from a particular brand only

FACT: Although, every cosmetic brand has its own hero product you ought to use which one suits you the best. Different skin types react differently to various cosmetic brands and products; for your skin, the final decision taker should be solely you. Therefore, you can be as carefree as you want while opting for cosmetic brands.

20) MYTH: Choose a concealer with a yellow hint of color

FACT: This myth can be well accepted by the people who have yellow undertones; while it remains a ‘myth’ for pinkish hued people. Though, both of them need to keep their concealer as close to their foundation as possible.


21) MYTH: Liquid eye liner only for those who have big eyes

FACT: Not fair! And, in fact eye liners are meant for people with smaller eyes as it accentuates and make them look bigger. Therefore, eye liners should be a must for all!

22) MYTH: There are fewer women who can flaunt red lip color

FACT: Not of course! There are so many variations of red out there in the market that guarantees to bestow you with your perfect shade. Bold red hue is perfect for medium skin tones. Chocolate skinned beauties should use a purple-based red such as an ultra-ripe pomegranate.You can also choose the right bright based on your lips’ natural color. Pale lips look gorgeous in cherry red or tomato red; for naturally reddish lips, try blood red or cranberry; for dark lips, brick red, maroon and burgundy will look ravishing.

23) MYTH: You can skip sunscreen lotion on a rainy/cloudy day

FACT: Experts have been reiterating it since ages! One should not skip her sunscreen for even a single day as the UVA rays are still there to barge into your skin even on cloudy days. And, what’s the harm in letting a good habit remain forever!

24) MYTH: White spots on nails occur due to calcium deficiency

FACT: While many of us relate their occurrence due to various deficiencies; these white marks on your nails are merely caused by a mild injury to the nail matrix. To rid yourself of these spots, just wait for your nails to grow out naturally. If you want to go for a temporary fix, cover them up with a nice nail paint shade.

25) MYTH: Eating chocolates or greasy food causes acne

FACT: In fact, over indulging in almost anything can cause acne – blaming just these food stuffs is not fair. All you need to balance your diet out with eating plenty of fruits and veggies and you will be good to go – sans any skin problems.

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Written By – Ishika Taneja, Executive Director, ALPS Group – A celebrated makeup expert, Ishika excels in doing bridals and fashion airbrush make up. Her passion for beauty began early in life and determined to fulfill her dream, she moved to London for an Advanced Makeup Course from LONDON SCHOOL of BEAUTY and MAKEUP. She also mastered PROSTHETICS from the world renowned Atti Tabak, also known as “Picasso Of Prosthetics” from Netherlands. Apart from gaining strong credentials in the beauty field, she also underlined her astute sense of international business and strategic management from LONDON SCHOOL of ECONOMICS.

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