Alfred Dunhill Limited Edition Collection Launched by Johnnie Walker Blue Label – Elite Delhi Magazine 

©Elite Delhi Magazine
This Limited Edition Collection celebrates the pioneering spirit of our founders, John Walker and Alfred Dunhill, and the brands that honour their vision today. John Walker and Alfred Dunhill are two pioneers who have walked the world and changed the game in their chosen fields. Springing from the great British craft traditions of dedication and commitment to quality, both were true to their heritage but set their eyes distinctly on the future. Their entrepreneurial leadership and superior products empowered the celebrations of achievements across the four corners of the world. Given this provenance, the Collection presents perfect gifts for toasting extraordinary achievements.
Combining the pioneering spirit John Walker and Alfred Dunhill’s love of travel, the two worlds converge to empower the celebration of shared journeys. The Collection is inspired by the progress shared by the two purveyors of British luxury – from London, representing the perfect blend of heritage and modernity, to Scotland, reflecting the elements of landscape, energy, nature and raw beauty.


©Elite Delhi Magazine
“There are a handful of luxury houses that share our uncompromising vision of progressive modernity while holding true to heritage and craftsmanship,” said James Thompson, Managing Director, GLOBAL RESERVE, DIAGEO. “With the JOHNNIE WALKER® BLUE LABEL™ Limited Edition Collection designed by Alfred Dunhill, two British icons celebrate the shared journey towards achieving the extraordinary. A collection of this calibre is only made possible through our mutual values, and pioneering heritage of quality craftsmanship.”

®Elite Delhi Magazine / Oct-Nov 2015 / Published 


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