This Messy Bar in CP has started Serving you DOP……. ELITE DELHI Magazine

Obviously we don’t mean DOPE …We mean DOPAMINE. That natural chemical produced in our Brains that makes you feel AweSome !! Still no clue ???? .. Ok Here’s the Simple Definition – 

Dopamine is a Chemical / Neurotransmitter, Naturally Released in Our Brain which helps transmit signals to other vital areas which trigger – Love / Lust / Sex / Motivation & that Perfect Feel Good Factor in Ourselves. 

Now, when you know what Dopamine is; get ready to visit “HotMess” in CP an “Aphrodisiac Bar” which literally gets you going. You know the old saying—oysters will put lead in your pencil, and cinnamon buns will make you want to sharpen it. Okay that’s not an old saying, but it probably should be. There are a number of foods that are supposed to have near mythical aphrodisiac properties. Oysters are probably the most famous of them all, but there are many more lesser-known edibles that are believed to put the “grrr” in Viagra. 

®Elite Delhi Magazine | HotMess !!

Whether or not aphrodisiacs really work is debatable, so we’re going to give you the scoop on the science (or lack thereof)  in the Next issue of Elite Delhi Magazine & get behind some aphrodisiac foods and let you decide for yourself if they’re worth trying. But most importantly now we would suggest that you check out this new place in Middle Circle CP “HotMess” which is Really making Delhi come to life with their unique cocktails & foods that wouldn’t fail to turn you on. 

®Elite Delhi Magazine | Photo Credit – HotMess !!
 Either way we’ll make sure you’ll have all the info you need to get happy with your spouse/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ bestie-with-benefits this Saturday when you visit HotMess

HotMess CP | First Hand Report – 

The cocktail menu is full of love potions and concoctions with aphrodisiacal ingredients such as chocolates, strawberry, banana and more. The Sparkling Daisy was an ultimate summer delight, with vodka, rosemary, watermelon chunks and an overturned beer bottle. It was balanced in sweetness.

®Elite Delhi Magazine | Photo Credit – HotMess !!
The Pouch Mojito was an interesting combination of white rum, mint, lemon and sugar, served in a cute pouch. The tangy mojito paired well with subtly spiced Nacho Pencho. The in-house baked nachos were packed with Mexican dressing; and the toppings of enormous amounts of tangy salsa added a nice punch to the dish. 
®Elite Delhi Magazine | Photo Credir – HotMess !!
 The Grilled Broccoli and Toasted Pine Nuts was quite a winner with subtly grilled florets of broccoli, marinated in cream. The Bourbon Smoked Honey Chicken  had spicy, juicy flavourful chicken that was well-marinated. The mildly sweet taste of honey added flavours to the dish.
®Elite Delhi Magazine | HotMess !!
 The Lemon Coriander Chicken Skewer – grilled chicken pieces with sprinkles of lemon had a flavour of fresh coriander and was smoky. The show-stopper was the soft and gooey Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Brownie which was quite a finale to the meal was served with white chocolate that did true justice with the theme of the restaurant.

All in all it was a good Experience and a Fun one Too. We’ll give them 8.5 / 10 on the Rating Scale !! 

®Elite Delhi Magazine | Published 2016

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