Editor’s Letter May’16 – Elite Delhi Magazine 

All About Food !
There is something about food that is crucial to my existence. Not only by definition significant, essential to my happiness, necessary, yes—but more definitively, food is the anchor in my artistic place of worship.
What I wanted from this edition was to address food in the round: not everyone is a cook, but we are all eaters. For me, this is to be celebrated.  

When I first thought about this issue, I conjured a vision to focus on all of the people who have influenced not only me but Delhi as a place. I wanted to line them up in all their glory and talk about their journey. I wanted it to be the royal academy of food where I would use This Magazine as a proper love letter to the food and dining community. 

But One fine night i was introduced to a Young Dynamic Restauranteur Priyank Sukhija & while he looked like any other business owner it was only when we started talking about food is when i noticed his understanding about Gastronomy as a whole. 

Priyank Sukhija | Cover Story – Elite Delhi Magazine

Priyank today has revolutionized the food industry as we know. Employs over 2000 people, operates nearly 30 restaurants, his company does a turnover of nearly a $40 Million Etc Etc. But what nobody understands is that all of this, all his genius lies within his understanding of the science behind food as a icon itself. 

Providing an entertaining environment is important but the idea behind a restaurant is always to keep Food as the Hero. While today Delhi restauranteurs are playing with smoke & dry ice, making you have drinks in tubes and glass bulbs. This young man Priyank gets you the same exact or even a better experience but makes sure what you eat Tastes right and is served in food grade containers and is hygienically produced no matter what. Cause he knows at the end of the day, It has always been about food and it always will be about food, no matter how much gimmick you add into it. 

So today in this issue we read about him & his unique journey in the world of Food. 

Now regarding my love letter to Food, we will still focus on all of the people who have influenced not only me but Delhi as a place & soon we will line them up in all their glory and highlight their achievements with our Elite Nightlife Awards to be held on 17th July 2016, purely dedicated to Perfectionists in the Food & Nightlife industry of Delhi. 

Puraskar Thadani | Publisher & Editor – ELITE DELHI Magazine

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