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©ELITE DELHI Magazine | Published 2016 | Photo Credits – JayatiS

If you’ve been procrastinating on that summer swimsuit purchase, you must not delay any longer. We’re excited to announce that 2016 will bring a range of new trends in the swimwear department. Never before have there been so many different styles suited for every type of woman out there! Here is my list of the hottest swimwear trends for 2016.

High-waist bikini Bottoms 

Those of us with less than perfectly sculpted abs and hips can confidently sport a high-waist bikini bottom and feel nicely tucked in and smoothed out. I know there are some folks who claim these types of bottoms are “Granny Panties”, and to them I say that I will wear them and I will feel fabulous while doing it. Besides, I’ve never seen a granny wearing something like that! Yowza!

©ELITE DELHI Magazine | Published 2016 | Photo Credits – JayatiS

Timeless Classics

The pin-up girls had it right! Nothing beats the elegant and ultra-flattering swimsuits of the 1950s. You can run after the children on the beach worry-free, you can gracefully bask poolside, and you can show off your curves.

Tribal Prints

Of all of the swimwear collections I researched for this article, I loved the Mara Hoffman 2016 collection the most. The incredibly detailed prints feel so fresh and bold. Not only did the beautiful tribal prints inspire me, but I also found so many new styles to choose from. One pieces with cut-outs, rashguard tops, high-waisted bottoms — almost all of the swimwear trends for 2016 were represented in this wonderful collection.

©ELITE DELHI Magazine | Published 2016 | Photo Credits – JayatiS

Sheer Panels

Sheer mesh paneling is a cute way to show “a little somethin'” while still remaining mostly covered. I love the high-waist peekaboo mesh bottoms because they slim my waist and the collared top is perfect for holding in my large bust. When I wear this suit I feel chic, a little goth, and very fashion forward — and that can be hard to find in a swimsuit! 

Long Sleeves

A lot of people out there won’t really understand why anyone would want long sleeves on a bathing suit. Here’s why: 


You are active in the water (surf, ocean swimming, paddle boarding, etc.) and prefer a secure and protective option for swimming. 

You prefer your arms to be covered up.

Because long sleeved swimsuits look really cool.

“Rashguard” style swimsuits started out strictly for surfers but have gained popularity in the last few years. Free People makes a few functional and fashionable styles that I really like. Cover also makes beautiful long-sleeved suits with the added benefit of SPF 50 for additional sun protection. 

©ELITE DELHI Magazine | Published 2016 | Photo Credits – JayatiS

The Sexy One-Piece

Gone are the days when one-piece swimsuits were reserved for your Aunties at the Club. One-piece swimsuits are no longer considered matronly and all sorts of women are realizing that skimpier doesn’t always equal sexier.

With mesh panels, cut-outs, and straps galore, you can find a one-piece that feels comfortable but doesn’t sacrifice sex appeal. 

Pro Tip: Check out Swimsuits for All for pages upon pages of curvy figure bathing suit options that are fashionable and affordable.

Cropped Swim Tops

It’s so refreshing to see all the styles of swimsuits that are available to women in 2016. There is literally a suit for every age, shape, and lifestyle out there! Cropped swim tops are fabulous for women who enjoy being active at the beach or for women who need more support than a traditional bikini top can provide.

This style is extremely cute, comfortable, and flattering for most body shapes. Look for cropped tops made of neoprene for supreme support and quality.

©ELITE DELHI Magazine | Published 2016 | Photo Credits – JayatiS

Go 90’s style

Just when you’d had enough floral dresses with Doc Marten boots, the 90s revival has crept into swimwear. Think Cindy Crawford in her simple, yet incredibly sexy, high-cut maillot swimsuit. That’s the look.

Accessories with Swimwear 

Sunscreen. Hat. Swim Cap. Flippers. Beach Bag. You may be wondering what other accessories you could possibly need to be pairing with your swimsuit. Let’s be real for a moment, not all swimsuit-wearing occasions are for swimming. I know that sounds incredibly pretentious, but it’s true. Pair your swimsuit with a statement necklace or a body chain — I really love this Gold Bikini Double Layer Harness Body Chain worn with a simple swimsuit or even a favorite LBD. If you aren’t into wearing jewelry to the beach or at the poolside, I think Metallic Flash Tattoos are another gorgeous option. 

So what did we learn from this 2016 swimwear trend report? Almost anything goes! As long as you feel comfortable in the swimsuit you choose and it fits you well, you should rock it with pride. Remember the easiest way to get a bikini body is to simply put a bikini on your body. 

©ELITE DELHI Magazine | Published 2016 | Photo Credits – Rahul Dutta Studio’s

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