3 Cocktails To Try @ CP Which Are Making Delhiites Go CucKoo* – Elite Delhi Magazine 

*Warning – After Having These Cocktails We Request Everyone to Please Remember & Follow These Instructions – 

  • Don’t Drink & Drive 
  • Don’t End Up Texting / Calling Your Ex 
  • Announce Free Drinks For Everyone
  • Tell Your Best Friend That You Love Him 

ELITE Nightlife Awards | ELITE Delhi Magazine

If you’re looking to brace against the long and blistering Indian summer, here are 3 awesome STRONG cocktails that will literally lift your spirits. 
We reached out to some of CP’s best mixologists and bars few of them, including Unplugged Courtyard CP and FLYP at MTV served us some unbelievably delicious cocktails. 

But we still want your help in selecting the very best. With Elite Delhi Magazine hosting the Elite Nightlife Awards on 17th July 2016, we want to know which cocktails do you feel are the best in town. 

Send us your list at Media@EliteDelhi.com & Your Suggestion might just help them win an ENA for Cocktail of the Year 2016. 

But, currently heres our favorite list, Cheers, everyone! 

  • GULISTAN @ Unplugged Courtyard, CP

Priced @ Just ₹475, this Summer Cocktail will totally refresh your senses & according to us it’s a Must try for Delhiites to beat the Summer Heat 

GULISTAN @ Unplugged Courtyard, CP
  • DAM DAM DO Dam Dam Do @ HotMess, CP 

A Cocktail that has more drama happening at the center than an Ekta Kapoor serial – This sexy cocktail @HotMess CP is a fun smooth & strong  drink. 

A Perfect Cocktail if you’re on a date trying to impress the lady next to you or on the next table. Definitely a must try. 

DAM DAM DO Dam Dam Do @ HotMess, CP
  • Boom Boom from Thailand @ FLYP at MTV, CP 

Sharp as a knife and as fun as its name, Boom Boom Cocktail @ FLYP at MTV, CP is a little strong for few. Priced at just ₹250 it’s something no one should miss. 

Gin mixed with kaffir lime added with galangal + our very own kheera, just 2/3 of these little drinks & your mind will go Boom Boom. 

Boom Boom from Thailand @ FLYP at MTV, CP

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