Beat the Heat with Some Interesting Concoctions @ Imperfecto | ELITE Delhi Magazine 

Elite Magazine’s Favourite Cocktails at Imperfecto | So, If You Have Tried & Liked The Cocktails Listed Below “Vote” & Help Them Win at ELITE Nightlife Awards On 23rd Of July 2017 | Highlighting The Best Places For Food & Nightlife in India.

While we are well acquainted with the refreshing Mojito, deceptive Cosmo, chic Margarita and spunky Bloody Mary, it is the signature cocktails that set a bar and its restaurant apart from the others in town. With mixology gaining popularity, we are left at the mercy of the bartender, who can flaunt his creativity with unusual combinations and unique presentations.

There’s a drink for everyone, for every mood and for every occasion.The eclectic and quirky party destination for Delhi-ites; Imperfecto is well aware of this, and is whipping some interesting concoctions that are perfect to add a bit of zing to any mundane meal.

One of the best-known mixed alcoholic beverages, a regular martini shrugs shoulders with the twist of blueberry crush to form the hot selling Imperfectini at Imperfecto. 

Using the goodness of fresh fruits, this restaurant has presented the game of Truth and Dare with their cocktail that goes by the same name, that consists of a tequila base with freshness of pomegranate seeds and thyme leaves. 

One of their signature cocktails, Passionate Scene also consists of pomegranate seeds, but what makes it different is the addition of passion fruit syrup, mint leaves, lime juice and vodka. Served in a martini glass along with a sprig of mint, this potent drink is perfect to fly away those Monday blues!

Speaking of freshness, nothing comes close to a reviving cucumber cooler. A dash of vodka, chunks of cucumber and freshness of basil make stolen promise the perfect drink to have on a sunny summer afternoon.

As the cliché goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Imperfecto will help you stay far away from the doctor with their apple and hazelnut martini. The freshness of the green apples is coaxed with undertones of the hazelnut syrup and the lime juice renders an acidic punch which takes the drink up a notch!


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